• ACCAD Motion Lab (map)
  • 1813 North High Street, 350
  • Columbus, OH, 43210
  • United States

SoundWORK advanced creative workshop with guest artist PamelaZ

Electronic sound performance, live processing, wearables.

Workshop limited to 15 (contact zuniga-shaw.1@osu.edu if interested) 

Location:  Motion Lab, Sullivant 350 

The workshop will include a combination of lecture/demonstration, group listening, voice and performance activities, hands on instruction on the basics of sound technology including digital audio recording and editing. The technical aspects of the course are designed with audio novices in mind, so you don't have to feel intimidated if you have limited or no experience working with audio. For example, this workshop has been beneficial to choreographers and filmmakers who wanted to try their hand at making their own music or sound design for their projects.

Drawing on her own experience as a composer and performer of experimental music, sound, performance, and installation works, and the works of other notable artists in this broad-ranging field, Pamela Z will present sessions exploring elements of sound, and expermimental music including the use of voice and sound in performance, sound with image (video & film), experimental composition techniques, the use of sampled sounds, found text and found objects, electronic processing of voice and other acoustic sound sources, digital sound recording and editing, and the physics of sound.

Additional listening examples and course resources will be made available on a private online blog containing a comprehensive list of recommended reading, listening, and viewing in addition to excerpts presented in class.