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Flash Talk with Alan Price (Future Companions theme)

“Objects of Intimacy: a brief journey through past and present developments in robotics design for assisted living and companionship.” 

Future Companions: Physical Computing for Wellbeing, Assisted Living, Companionship and Meaningful Social Connection

In preparation for our Humane Tech Pop-up March 4-9 I will share some of the research questions and areas of investigation that have been emerging. The first is from Alan Price (design) and is open to any and all who are interested in getting involved, sharing insights, making and investigating together. If you'd like to engage with this project, come to ACCAD on Monday March 5 at 10am for our Idea Storm and come hear Alan's Flash Talk at 2:30pm in SIM Lab @ ACCAD that will kick off work on this project.

Alan writes: Building upon history and contemporary developments in robotics design for assisted living and/or companionship, as well as digital creation of other tangible objects that activate and engage our senses, this Humane Tech Pop-up Proposal invites collaborators that share interests in this area. 

My current practice incorporates game technologies and computer graphics with a background in film-making and storytelling, although I have often been interested in robotics and physical computing. We could explore the potentials, the aesthetics and implications, of tangibles (robotics and physical computing) and human-machine intimacy. 

In addition to development of hypothetical scenarios, sketches, and previs animation, the pop-up will be facilitated with mechanical components, microprocessors, servo motors, sensors, and computer control. Use of 3D printing at ACCAD and other rapid prototyping resources, as well as exploration of physical materials, is anticipated.

Some contextual video references:

-- ADB by Kerry Segal and Nicholas Stedman -SIGGRAPH 2010 - Art Gallery : "ADB", Kerry Segal, Nicholas Stedman

-- Should robots comfort the dying? (Note irony)Should robots comfort the dying? 

-- John Edmark’s sculptures - https://www.sciencefriday.com/videos/creating-the-never-ending-bloom/ 

-- Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests -Theo Jansen’s Wind-Powered Sculptures

Location: SIM Lab, ACCAD, Main Collab Space 3rd Floor of Sullivant Hall  

Image credit: ADB by Kerry Segal and Nicholas Stedman