Design Futures: Insurance and Artificial Intelligence

A Public Dialog- Barnett Theater, Sullivant 3rd floor, off the rotunda

Scott writes: We are creating a near-future design fiction experience entitled Collecta-AI.

Collecta-AI is a health maintenance and insurance corporation that is a prominent player 7 years into the future. It is a public-facing company which will require that we create services and experiences that are reflected in the products that it offers, perhaps facilities, the brand image, communications, and more. The corporation’s unique capability is the harnessing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide customers with better insurance and make them more insurable. These areas include claims management and fraud detection, underwriting and loss prevention, and marketing and customer experience. Students are collaboratively visualizing concepts and creating dynamic prototypes for design proposals and evaluations and they will enact them for the Humane Tech team during the Pop-up to spark conversation and hopefully inspire a broader discussion concerning humane technologies and wellbeing.